Lego’s partnership with Nintendo delivered a fairly superior debut earlier this 12 months with the interactive Lego Tremendous Mario Starter Course, and now it’s following that up with extra units designed to enhance the primary. These embody a brand new ‘Grasp Your Journey Maker Set,’ which provides customization choices by tweaking Lego Mario’s response by way of three new bricks, and a brand new approach to shuffle the foundations for every degree. Lego and Nintendo are additionally releasing extra themed Growth units, new power-ups for Mario, and a second collection of thriller characters to include into degree builds.

Picture Credit: Nintendo

The Grasp Your Journey Maker Set contains 366 items in whole, and can retail for $59.99. The Growth units embody a Chain Chomp jungle-themed playset ($19.99), a Piranha Plan puzzle problem set ($29.99), and a brand new Poison-themed biome for Mario to discover that includes Wiggler ($39.99). The 2 new power-ups for Lego Mario are his Penguin swimsuit, and his Tanooki swimsuit, which retail for $9.99 every respectively.

Every new Sequence 2 Character Pack retails for $four.99. These are available in packaging that doesn’t reveal their contents till opened, including a point of probability to which of the brand new characters you find yourself with. The Sequence 2 characters embody Huckit Crab, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Ninji, Foo, Parachute Goomba, Fly Man, Poison Mushroom, Para-Beetle, Thwimp or Bone Goomba.

Picture Credit: Nintendo

These will all go on sale beginning January 1, each from Lego direct and from its retail companions. That’s simply after the vacation rush, which looks as if a little bit of a miss for what you’d anticipate can be a well-liked set of presents, however Nintendo’s nonetheless promoting the unique starter course and different kits

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