You could possibly be excused for considering that German robotics firm Festo does nothing however put collectively fabulous prototype robots constructed to resemble kangaroos, jellyfish, and different dwelling issues. They do in truth really make actual industrial robots, but it surely’s exhausting to not marvel at their biomimetic experiments; Working example, the feathered BionicSwift and absurd BionicMobileAssistant motile arm.

Festo already has a flying hen robotic — I wrote about it virtually 10 years in the past. They even made a flying bat as a follow-up. However the BionicSwift is extra spectacular than each as a result of, in an effort to extra carefully resemble its avian inspiration, it flies utilizing synthetic feathers.

Picture Credit: Festo

“The person lamellae [i.e. feathers] are fabricated from an ultralight, versatile however very strong foam and lie on prime of one another like shingles. Related to a carbon quill, they’re connected to the precise hand and arm wings as within the pure mannequin,” Festo writes in its description of the robotic.

The articulating lamellae enable the wing to work like a hen’s, forming a strong scoop on the downstroke to push towards the air, however separating on the upstroke to supply much less resistance. Every part is managed on-board, together with the indoor positioning system that the hen was ostensibly constructed to show. Flocks of BionicSwifts can fly in shut quarters and keep away from one another utilizing an extremely wideband setup.

Festo’s BionicMobileAssistant looks like it will be extra sensible, and in a method it’s, however not by a lot. The robotic is mainly an arm rising from a wheeled base — or somewhat a balled one. The spherical backside is pushed by three “omniwheels,” letting it transfer simply in any course whereas minimizing its footprint.

The hand is a showcase of recent robotic gripper design, with all types of state-of-the-art tech packed in there — however the result’s lower than the sum of its elements. What makes a robotic hand good nowadays is much less that it has 100 sensors within the palm and fingers and large motility for its thumb, however somewhat intelligence about what it’s gripping. An unadorned pincer could also be a greater “hand” than one that appears like the actual factor due to the software program that backs it up.

To not point out the spherical motion technique makes for one thing of an unstable base. It’s telling that the robotic is transporting scarves and never plates of meals or elements.

In fact, it’s foolish to criticize such a machine, which is aspirational somewhat than sensible. Nevertheless it’s essential to grasp that these fascinating creations from Festo are hints at a potential future greater than something.

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